The Comanche County Memorial Hospital Foundation Circle of Caring Program was established to shine a spotlight on exceptional caregivers who may otherwise go unnoticed. When a gift of thanks is made in honor of any hospital employee, they get a lapel pin to show that they have been honored.

Having your first child can be very stressful. But for Maris and Cole Palmer, they were met with support and encouragement when they chose to have their baby girl at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

“Well I was really nervous at first, obviously being a new mom,” said Maris Palmer. “But Dr. Meza and all the nurses here, and my family calmed me down a lot. They helped me through everything. Anything I needed, they brought it.”

Little Isabelle was born on August 6, 2018, and Grandma flew all the way down from New Jersey to see her first grandbaby come into the world.

Dwaine Tutrone has been in nursing for 35 years. She says after their experience, she was so impressed with the staff at CCMH, that she decided to write a letter and gift a donation to the Circle of Caring Program to honor the staff who cared for them.

“The doctor’s, the cafeteria staff, people in the hallways helping me carry things out. And I thought, they have to be recognized,” said Tutrone.

Maris was induced and in labor for 13 hours, before they had to do an emergency c-section. Maris says through the whole delivery process, the staff was so encouraging.

“Anything that I needed, they were right there,” said Maris Palmer. “And actually when I had her, the whole operating room was crying because they were so invested in my delivery. It felt so personal.”

Paula Griffith, the manager of women and children’s services, says their goal is to work as a team to give the best care that they can. She says, for her nurses to receive this recognition, was an honor for them.

“That’s just like the best because it’s like the fruition of what our work is,” said Griffith. “And to be able to be recognized for the work that we do everyday and that we give to everybody.”

When Tutrone went back home, she left feeling very grateful and secure, and hopes to come back again for her next grandbaby, but no pressure…

“I was so happy knowing that my son-in-law and daughter and my granddaughter had access to such great health care,” said Tutrone. “So I left feeling totally relieved that the experience was wonderful.”

If you have someone who you would like to recognize for their exceptional care at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, you can write a letter and donate to the Circle of Caring Program at