The McMahon Tomlinson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center skilled unit is for patients who need short term care and rehab.

Jerry Boucher developed skin cancer a few years ago and underwent immunotherapy. He experienced some pretty bad side effects that landed him at the McMahon Tomlinson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Skilled Unit.

“From the bicycle to the platform walking to the stair steps to wrist and hand movement and everything,” said Boucher. “They got me from mediocre to feeling great before I left here.”

Andrea Rendina-Brown, the rehab supervisor, said they take care of patients recovering from things like strokes, spinal cord injury’s, general debility, weakness and more.

She says each patient has 2 therapy sessions a day that are tailored to the patient, and they focus on specific skills such as cooking, cleaning, and even fishing.

“We find things that they’re interested in and set up a plan of care individualized to that patients needs and goals,” said Brown. “So if somebody is really into fishing, then we’ll take them out back to the pond and incorporate that in therapy. Because people just get better quicker when they’re doing something they want to do.”

The unit offers 3 types of therapy to their patients, occupational, physical, and speech therapy.

“Just the wide variety of everything that this team has to bring for a patient would make me want to come here over any other place,” said Brown.

Boucher says while he was there, he had wonderful therapists and nurses who took care of him.

“All the help that I received, they did a good job. Seems like they were always very friendly,” said Boucher. “They just listened and did their thing. I got to know some of the girls on my hallway, and they did a good job with me.”

Brown says you must have a referral from a doctor to come to the skilled unit. She says talk with your doctor to find out what is best for you.