Comanche County Memorial Hospital is happy to announce their new Da Vinci Xi Surgical System. It’s the first and only one of its kind in SWOK.

The Da Vinci Xi Surgical System is some of the latest robotics technology used for surgical purposes. Chief Nursing Officer Chris Ward, says they are excited to have the Da Vinci for a couple of reasons.

“It really does put us on the cutting edge of use and surgery for the future,” said Ward. “But it also allows us the ability to really recruit top notch surgeons who will give the best outcomes for patients.”

It can be used for several minimally invasive surgeries. Ward explains the benefits to the patient

“Hopefully it will give them a smaller incision, less pain, quicker recovery, less blood loss,” said Ward. “Just lots of things plus the precision of robotics.”

Dr. Daniel Morgan says surgeons sit at a console throughout the whole surgery, using their hands to maneuver the arms of the robot, rather than standing like during laparoscopic procedures.

“Standing and holding your body in certain positions for prolonged periods of time is taxing,” said Dr. Morgan. “It’s much more comfortable to sit at the console, and it allows you to really focus and take your time, and be more relaxed and controlled.”

Dr. Morgan says the training process to use the Da Vinci is very extensive, but he says the robot is actually easy to use.

“Literally the first time I sat at the console, I was able to suture, tie knots, with really nobody telling me anything,” said Dr. Morgan.

Kenneth Easton is the Chairman of the McMahon Foundation, one of the key donors in helping to bring the Da Vinci to SWOK. He says, the McMahon Foundation’s mission has always been to contribute funds to things that will help the Lawton community and surrounding areas.

“We felt this was a piece of equipment that we deserved to participate in, because of the advantages it would have in recruiting new people and as the doctors progress today,” said Easton.

He says this will benefit the people because it keeps patients closer to home.

“I think they should be happy because it is the latest technology now available in SWOK,” said Easton. “Whereas they had to go greater distances for it in the past.”

Dr. Morgan says they are very excited to have this new technology.

The CCMH foundation is still looking for donors to help with the Da Vinci Robot Initiative. If you are interested in giving, you can go to their website to give to learn more about it.