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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – With the start of the school year, parents are getting their children’s vaccinations up to date. Whether children are newborns or school aged, doctors say it’s important to get them vaccinated.

“So, straight up I will tell you that every vaccine is important,” said Dr. Maxwell Nwugbana.

Doctor Maxwell Nwugbana is a Pediatrician at Lawton’s Community Health Center and he says not only do vaccines prevent your child from contracting diseases, they also protect the rest of us.

“The more you give vaccines the more you protect the whole community and the children in the community. So, if a child doesn’t get vaccinated, all right? That particular child runs a risk of getting this infection and if lots of kids who are not vaccinated then there’s a high chance that infection you know, going around in this pool kind of becomes an epidemic. So that’s the kind of risk you run if you don’t vaccinate your child,” explained Dr. Nwugbana.

According to health officials, even though some diseases in the United State are practically extinct and other diseases are dwindling because of vaccinations, it’s still important to get your child vaccinated.

“If you don’t get it you’ll probably get a disease and worst case scenario a child might die. So, I mean, that’s the bottom line you know? So, it’s quite important to get it and overall if we keep vaccinating kids that disease might get irradiated eventually,” explained Dr. Nwugbana.

He says parents whose kids get their shots can have peace of mind that their child is protected against diseases and infections.

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