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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- We are already a few months away from the Spirit of Survival, and the kickoff for training is happening this Friday.

“We’ll have early registration for the race. You’ll get a discount for doing that. Dick’s will have discounts for the entire weekend for people who have signed up for the race. We’ll be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips to get people in the mood and get them over here and get them registered,” said Lane Hooton, Chief Operating Officer for Cancer Centers of SWOK.

It’s the 12th year for the race that benefits the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma.

“We’ve been able to expand our research program. We have an extra nurse now that we didn’t have in the past, so that we can do clinical trials. Also, rather than have people come from Altus or Duncan, or other communities to Lawton, now they can be treated in their home…But because of the SOS, we are able to do that.”

The Spirit of Survival free 12-week training program has a team of trainers to help participants prepare for any of the three certified races– the 5k, the quarter marathon and the half marathon.

Casey Hull is one of the trainers with Run Lawton, and he says the trainers will be at the Kickoff to meet with you, and will be ready and willing to answer any questions you have.

“We will all be there, we would like to meet all the new people. We have a very good group of trainers. They’re from beginners to advanced runners. They’re very good. They’ve done it for years. They love doing it.”

Hull says training for races like the Spirit of Survival is important, especially if it’s your first time doing it. And that’s why they offer the 12-week training program.

“It helps you learn what running is about. We are there to answer any questions. We have experienced runners…We do it every week. We start here at Dick’s sporting goods every week, every Saturday morning…You’ll go out your different distances for the different events, and then we meet back here at the end.”

Every Saturday for the training program, the runners will meet at Dick’s sporting goods. Lane Hooton, the Chief Operating Officer for The Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma says Dick’s has been a great supporter of the race.

“They’ll have access to the store, before you run, and after you run. They’ll give discounts to the people who are training every Saturday.”

Hooton says there will be a new event at this year’s race as well that you’ll need to prepare for.

“We’ll have a bike rides on Saturday, starting with a family ride of 13 miles. And then 3 other much longer rides. And then the traditional runs on Sunday.”

Again, the 12th annual Spirit of Survival Kickoff is this Friday, June 16th at Dick’s Sporting Goods from noon until 8:00 p.m. There will be discounts for registrations and merchandise, as well as signups for the 12-week training program. For more information, please call 580-536-2121.

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