MedWatch- Phase 2 of construction at the CCMH ER is complete from Medwatch 7 KSWO on Vimeo.

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- After weeks of construction, phase two of the new Emergency Room at Comanche County Memorial Hospital is complete, and now all they are waiting on is approval from the state.

“Phase 1 was the build of the new ER. Phase 2 is kind of the renovation remodel of our old rooms,” Kimberly Bowen, the manager of the Drewry Family Emergency Center, says it was a much-needed expansion. “This is going to help us see more patients. Get them in a little quicker depending on the day and how many patients come into the ER.”

They’ve added 15 more rooms to the ER, including psych rooms, obstetrical rooms, and trauma rooms. And new equipment for the staff. It will also create more room in general, which is more comfortable for everyone

“When we were in the other space we were crowded. Certainly, we felt like at times we were tripping over each other. Patients often felt like they were on top of each other. And so, it just really gives us much more space and a much better working environment,” Chris Ward, the Chief Nursing Officer for CCMH, says he is really excited for Phase 2 to be opened, and he hopes it allows them to better serve the community. “If you look at everything in the back, the equipment, everything that’s back there is high tech. And in an emergency room, the fact that we can provide any calmness in the chaos of coming to the ER, certainly that’s fantastic, but if you can also provide your staff and doctors with the latest equipment, with a great space to work in, it certainly makes it a much better place.”

“It’s adding a break room for the employees. It’s a locker room, a conference room so that we can do teaching for our staff. Resident physicians will come down here and they’ll do some learning. And the physicians also got a break room,” said Bowen.

Phase 2 will conclude the project for now, but Ward says there is always room for improvement.

“There is an empty shell within the ER in another area that some people would love to move into. And, in the future, that will be the plan if expansion is needed or even a new unit is needed,” said Ward.

All that is needed now is the certificate of occupancy from the state and they will be ready for business. They expect it to be up and running sometime this week.

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