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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- November is Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Comanche County Memorial Hospital’s Home Health and Hospice program has provided home health services for over a decade. Their focus of care is on you and your family.

Savannah Ford lost her father on September 1st this year due to cancer.

“He helped anyone and everyone. He was a gypsy soul, a free spirit. But he’d give anyone the shirt off his back.”

After doctors at Comanche county memorial Hospital gave Ford the news about her dad’s condition, hospice was offered to them as an option.

“In the beginning, we didn’t want to do hospice. I didn’t know about it.”

“When you hear the word hospice people tend to freeze,” Sondra Potts is the clinical coordinator for CCMH’s home health and hospice program. “Hospice is used primarily when a physician has made a determination that there’s a change in lifestyle– like a patient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and might not benefit from extended medical care. So, it’s more of a comfort care for the patient and the family.”

Potts says the staff is always available, even on holidays. Their goal is to make the patient *and their family comfortable and have no fear.

“It’s emotional for the nursing staff as well. But it’s such a fulfilling, a grateful feeling knowing that you’ve been able to help not only the patient but the family as well with spiritual support. Being able to provide care in their last days.”

Ford says the care that her father received from the nurses was wonderful. She said one nurse in particular really got along with her Dad.

“The nurse was on top of everything. No matter what we needed, she always made sure that it was right there. And it was always taken care of immediately. Our nurse was amazing.”

Ford says even when her father was close to the end of his life, the nurse was there with support.

“The nurse prepared us for all of that, and when the rally was over, the nurse said he’ll go fast. And he did. But that was the good thing, was that our nurse was there for everything. She helped with so much. And so, I would recommend hospice to anybody.”

If you or a loved one is in need of palliative care, talk with your doctor to find out how Comanche County Memorial Hospital’s Hospice program can help your family.

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