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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Comanche County Memorial Hospital has been recognized for their commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality, and multidisciplinary patient centered care, awarding them the highest standards of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. For one Texoma woman, she knows first-hand the service the Leah M. Fitch Cancer Center provides, and she says they deserve this award.

Donna Wright was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of last year.

“I had my annual mammogram, and they called me back in. And you never want to be called back in… When they said it was cancer, everything stops. Everything goes in slow motion, and you think the worst.”

Donna’s fight against breast cancer had begun. She underwent 16 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation at the Leah M. Fitch Cancer Center.

“I felt a little sick. I was fatigued every now and then. And I did lose my hair. And not every patient loses their hair. But I did lose my hair, and that was probably the worst of it…It was hard. But I had a very good support team. My kids, my family, my church family, my best friends, my girlfriends. They were my rock.”

And in February of this year, she completed her last round of chemo.

“Once I finished, I got to ring this bell. And it was a big deal because I’m done. I’m done…. And I just feel like God is good. He’s my rock, and that is how I got through this.”

Donna says a positive attitude throughout her journey has been a big help.

“You know what, there are worse things to have. It’s not my child going through this. I can do this. I have a great support team… Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean that you have to have the joy gone.”

Donna also credits the cancer center and their staff for treating her like more than just a patient.

“They treat you as their own. You’re their family. And they’re genuine… Every time I come in here, you know, people are willing to help you. They’re going the extra mile to help you… If I wanted something to drink, they’d bring it to me. If I wanted to watch TV, I had that. If I wanted to get up and walk around I could do that… I can’t say anything bad about this place.”

Donna says all women should get their annual mammograms, and not put it off. She says while she would never want someone to go through what she has, if they have to, she would recommend the Leah M. Fitch cancer center to anyone.

“You don’t get treated as a number, you are a person. And they see you and they want to know your stories and they want to know your life. And when you get to ring that bell to leave, they’re happy for you. In fact, they don’t want to see you again. Maybe out in the world, but not here. You know, because that means you’re healthy and you’re going to live.”

This year’s achievement marks the 4th consecutive time CCMH has achieved this honor, making it one of only two programs awarded in Oklahoma, and the only program in the state to achieve it for four, three-year terms.

In other health news, there will be a free epilepsy seminar this Saturday, September 16th at 1 in the afternoon in Maple conference rooms 1 and 2. Epilepsy consultants will discuss drug resistant epilepsy, the newest treatments, and VNS or vagal nerve stimulator technology. For more information, call 580-695-1638.

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