MedWatch- Couple finds their happily ever after at Spirit of Survival from Medwatch 7 KSWO on Vimeo.

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Two people running the Spirit of Survival met for the first time just before they cross the finish line and it changed their lives forever.

Christopher Lowe says he was out of shape but had recently began running when he started training for his first spirit of survival. During those training secessions, he heard the contagious laugh of Misty Loafman and it caught his attention. His children went to the Saturday morning training with him and knew about this woman who had caught his attention.

“I would say this is my…that’s my girlfriend, that’s my girlfriend and then she wasn’t there my kids would tease me ‘oh you’re missing your girlfriend’,” said Lowe.

Although they were in the same training group, Lowe never spoke to her during the training.

“So the spirit of survival came and about 100 meters from the finish line I look over and she’s about this far from me and I started laughing,” Lowe said.

She says she was pretty tired after running so are and him laughing caught her off guard.

“When he laughed I was just like oh my goodness like what?” said Misty Loafman.

“And I say I’ve been telling my kids that I want to meet you and so I introduced myself and she introduced herself and we crossed the finish line and my mom took a picture of that,” said Lowe.

Loafman’s mom had also ran and so when she finished she had to go tell her family what had just happened.

“I was like this guy was hitting on me right when we crossed the finished line and they were like ‘really’? ‘You have the weirdest stories and I was like I know’!” said Loafman.

Loafman says she was single and had given up on dating so it was unexpected to have someone run into her life like that but she’s glad it happened.

“I thought it was cool but it ended up just being a really wonderful thing…It was perfect…it was perfect,” Loafman said.

The couple has now been together for three years. They still run the Spirit of Survival and other races together, where they dress up and just have fun doing something that they met doing.

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