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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- According to the American Stroke Association, if a stroke occurs, and blood flow can’t reach parts of the body, that part won’t work as it should.

Which is exactly what happened to Darrell Baker. But now, thanks to a new device, he has some new hope.

Darrell Baker suffered a massive stroke 2 years ago, and lost control of his left arm and leg.

“With the brain being affected, we’ve lost connection with the pathways to make his arm and leg work.” Darrell’s wife, LaDonna says after the stroke her husband had a hard time walking and bending his left knee. “He has never quit fighting. At first, he couldn’t he couldn’t move at all. Around 2 or 3 weeks later, I had a therapist come in the house, and he started walking with a cane.”

Now Darrell is one of the first patients in Texoma to use the L300 device.

“The L300 is an electrical stimulation device that works on the lower leg, and also the thigh as well. It stimulates the muscles to help someone to be able to have a more normal gate.” Shaun Fant is the Director of Rehab Services at Comanche County Memorial Hospitals Jim Thorpe Rehab Center. He says the L300 and devices like it, work on something called neuroplasticity.

“Through the concept of neuroplasticity, somebody who has had a stroke, head injury, or with that damaged brain, the brain is able to find new pathways. What once wasn’t a wave to make the arm or leg move, they’re able to find ways by utilizing electrical stimulation and other devices similar to that.”

LaDonna says after the first use, they saw results.

“The very next day, he was laying down doing some of his exercises, and he began to bend his knee to his chest on his own. So that gives us so much hope.”

Fant says the Jim Thorpe Rehab center is the only hospital to have this new device in Texoma. He says, when they got it just over a week ago, he knew Darrell would benefit from it.

“By putting the L300 on him, we’ve seen that he’s already able to walk faster. He’s able to walk more normally, and much more efficiently and effectively in the quality of his gate.”

LaDonna says her husband is a fighter, and this is only the beginning.

“It is one of the greatest things that could possibly happen to us right now. And I’ve already seen a difference. I’m so looking forward to coming back and him starting his therapy session, because there is going to be big results.”

If you want to know more about the L300 device you can call the Jim Thorpe Rehab Center at 580-250-5385.

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