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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Comanche County Memorial Hospital now offers a breakthrough in cutting-edge technology for heart patients. CCMH is the first hospital in the state to perform a fully dissolvable stent procedure outside of a clinical trial.

“There is nothing of this kind that has been developed so far,” explained Doctor Eugen Ivan.

The new technology has only been on the market for about three months but was in the development stages for about 6 years. Doctor Ivan was the first doctor in Oklahoma to use the stent outside of a clinical trial.

“I think that was a great choice for my patient and I think this is something that is extremely, extremely, beneficial potentially in the future for patients who don’t have to have this metallic implants which have been working pretty well until now but I think we have a better choice,” said Dr. Ivan.

CCMH Cardiologists say the stents are different from the traditional stents because, with time, vessels can go back to a more natural shape.

“If it curves, then it will resume that cure because the stint will be gone. Also, the inner lining of the arteries is very important and sometimes it doesn’t return to full function with a metal stent theoretically it should go back to normal in time with the absorbable stent,” remarked Doctor Ron Woodson.

Both doctors say the stents aren’t one size fits all and that it’s a case by case decision when it comes to which stent to use. Dr. Woodson says when it comes down to it, the procedures are essentially the same, the only difference being the imaging.

“Just to make sure the stent is well expanded and placed up against the wall of the vessel. So probably a little bit more than what we do with the metal stents but we’re just being cautious,” Dr. Woodson said.

While they have absorbable stents, they still have top of the line standard stents. Dr. Ivan says this new stent is recommended for younger patients but it is a potential for every patient.

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