The McMahon Tomlinson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers long term care. The residents and staff say they are all like family there.

Hazel Lee Fitch was a resident at the McMahon Tomlinson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for several months until her passing in 2018 at 102 years old. Her son Fred Fitch, says the staff made her time there so easy and great.

“The care, the kindness, the personal attention that she got from the girls on the yellow floor,” said Fitch. “They just grasped her like she was their little mother.”

Fitch says the staff always updated him on his mother’s condition, which gave him a sense of relief.

“It was so good to have that feeling that when we left here at night that she was going to be taken care of,” said Fitch. “And we would get phone calls from Heather or Rachel if something changed. They just took such a personal attention of caring for my mother. And it was just so reassuring.”

Rachel Richmond is a Licensed Practical nurse at the facility. She says trust is a big thing the staff works towards, especially with the families.

“A lot of family members haven’t been able to go on vacation or enjoy daily life because they’ve been trying to take care of their loved one,” said Richmond. “And once they bring them here and they learn to trust us and know that their family member is going to be taken care of. Then they get to go and enjoy life.”

Richmond says they do a lot of activities during the week to help keep the residents active and having fun.

“They have bowling, golf, bingo, they get to win their prizes,” said Richmond. “Crafts, card games and different activities that each individual resident enjoys to do.”

Fitch says the day will come when your parents will need taken care of. He encourages anyone to go to McMahon Tomlinson.

“You know our parents took care of us, and now it’s time for us to take care of them,” said Fitch. “And it made my mothers day when I walked in to see her. And it made mine, knowing I made hers. We just don’t want to ever forget our parents and take care of our loved ones as long as we can.”

The facility is located on 52nd street in Lawton. If you have any questions about their services, you can call the center at 580-357-3240.