Endocrinologists, like Dr. Vaqar Ahmad at Lawton Community Health Care Center Southcare, are healthcare providers who treat conditions related to your hormones.

These specialists can diagnose conditions like diabetes, metabolic conditions, endocrine cancers and tumors, thyroid conditions, and more. Symptoms of hormonal imbalances can include weight gain, swelling in joints, fertility issues, insomnia, and even acne.

“Suppose if you have symptoms like feel very weak, you feel like fatigue, you feel like dry skin, you feel like you may have hair loss, you feel like lack of energy, then you may be thinking it has something to do with the thyroid,“ said the endocrinologist.

Dr. Ahmad is one of two LCHC endocrinologists in Lawton, Oklahoma, and what’s unique about him is that he’s certified in diagnosing brain tumors, electrolyte imbalances, osteoporosis, and rare conditions related to hormonal imbalances.

Over Dr. Ahmad’s 20-plus-year career, he’s diagnosed more patients with diabetes and thyroid-related issues than anything else. Currently at LCHC, 77% of patients are diagnosed with diabetes. When it’s suspected a patient may be living with diabetes, he will use a filament test to poke your hands and feet to see if your nerves are working.

He explained if you’d like to schedule an appointment with him you can do so by visiting your family provider and getting a referral to his office at LCHC Southcare.

“We have a lot of innovations coming up, a lot of treatment coming up, and it’s been a privilege to come over here because it’s so many patients in my specialty who are looking for an endocrinologist and actually, they were coming from so many far places in Oklahoma City, so we’re looking to get more and more patients into the practice over here. Plus, you know the hospital is very supportive in building up this practice,” smiled Dr. Ahmad.

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