Did you know that one organ donation has the ability to save 8 people? And there’s almost 100,000 people waiting for a transplant.

However a local organization is trying to help close that gap. The Comanche County Memorial Hospital held a flag raising ceremony for LifeShare Oklahoma. LifeShare Oklahoma helps connect organ donors with those in need.

They’re also the parent company for LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma, and were founded in 1986.

“Organ donating is extremely important because there are over 114,000 women, men, and children on the waiting list…waiting for a life saving organ. Lifeshare’s mission is to save as many lives as possible through organ and tissue donations. there is a great need. there are over 700 people in oklahoma in alone waiting for an organ,” said Anna McCoy, a CCMH liason for Lifeshare.

She explained of that number, on average 17 people die per day due to never receiving an organ. But that’s where you can step in.

At CCMH McCoy serves as the LifeShare Liaison, and is not only a resource for nurses, but she’s also on sight to get you more acquainted with the organization, and on how to donate.

“To become a donor you can go to your local tag agency or go to lifeshareregistry.org, and you can sign up there. I would just encourage everyone to sign up and become an organ and tissue donor to save as many lives as possible. And to think of those who are in need of an organ…tissue or anything of those means…it is an opportunity to save lives, and I think that’s super important,” said McCoy.

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