It’s been long believed that Bunions are created by wearing “too-tight” of shoes, but did you know it’s actually a bump that’s created by a bone at the base of your big toe?

Bunions happen when some of the bones in the front part of your foot move out of place, causing the joint at the base of your big toe to stick out.

While most people hate the sight of theirs, there is a procedure that can remove them, and it’s called lapiplasty.

Dr. Kochenower is one of the few podiatry specialists in southwestern Oklahoma who performs lapiplasty operations. But he is the only doctor who specializes in the operation at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

“So, lapiplasty is a type of bunion correctional surgery that’s three-dimensional. Bunions have three different plains of deformity, and this surgery gives us a way to correct it in all three plains. I tell patients typically it affects your daily activities or quality of life (like) inability to wear shoes then it’s probably indicated to do the surgery especially if they failed the conservative measure. Some studies even show some progression if we wait and that can lead to a more difficult surgery or a different type of procedure,” said Dr. Scott Kochenower.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions in the skin over the affected joint, and specially designed instruments are used to rotate the entire deviated bone back into its normal anatomical position, naturally straightening your toe, removing the “bump.”

“What’s nice about this procedure is, in my practice, we’re seeing better results. I’m seeing more consistent results and lower reoccurrence rates. Studies through the lapiplasty have even shown 13 to 17 months out they’re having lower reoccurrence rates.” the podiatry specialist said.

The doctor said pain tolerance depends on the patient, but recovery is faster than traditional bunion surgery, and patients can bear weight on their foot in only a few days and are out of their surgical boot and back to regular shoes in about six weeks.

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