One local non-profit is using dogs as a form of therapy to provide comfort and companionship to patients who might need a bit of puppy love.

Paws with Love Therapy Dogs is a volunteer organization that provides comfort and companionship with therapy dogs to help patients in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other institutions.

“I think they’re too cute,” said rehab patient, Carol Cullins.

Cullins has been a patient at the Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehab Center at Comanche County Memorial Hospital since last December. She says she’s seen the therapy dogs a few times in parts of the hospital, but this was the first time they’d come to see her.

“I just thought it was nice of them,” said Cullins. “I was surprised when they came in. I like that white one over there too.”

“Rosie is my English setter, she is three years old.,” said Paws with Love President Keri Brammer. “Rosie loves kids. She loves going on visits anywhere, but her biggest passion is kids. They can kiss her, hug her, love on her, pull her ears, look in her mouth, she doesn’t care because it’s a kid. She loves kids.”

Brammer has been with Paws with Love for 7 years. Rosie is her first therapy dog, and she’s had her since she was a puppy. Brammer says anyone can join Paws with Love, even if you don’t have a dog.

“Most of our members do have dogs, but we do have some supporting members that are a part, that just come to help us out because they enjoy what we do and love what we do,” said Brammer.

Brammer worked in the veterinary field for 30 years, and has always had a passion for dogs. She says she loves to share that passion with others, especially with patients who may be going through a tough time.

“When we walk into the room, especially the waiting room areas, you can just see the change in the demeanor of the people,” said Brammer. “You can see the people smile. You can hear them whispering. You can see them talking to each other and they keep their eyes focused on the dogs.”

“Gives them a little bit of difference around here,” said Cullins. “Usually it’s pretty dull. Rehab, eat and sleep.”

Cullins says she gets great care at Jim Thorpe Inpatient rehab, and the therapy dogs just make her time there even better.

“I think they do a great job,” said Cullins. “I love those dogs, they’re so cute.”

If you think you may have a dog that would be a great therapy dog, you can call and talk to someone with Paws with Love at 699-7007, or to find out more information go to