Typically, when you need to release stress in your joints, you go to a chiropractor, but have you ever heard or thought about going to an osteopath physician or DO?

Osteopaths or DOs are doctors who practice osteopathic manipulative treatment, better known as OMT, and they focus on the body, mind, and spirit. They see the three as one interconnected system.

“Chiropractors are great at what they do, but we have a slightly different focus. So we do things like people think of like cracking your neck and back and those kinds of things. But, they really focus really heavily on those things. But we also treat the softer tissues and muscles, we actually treat the abdominal region as well. So, any strained muscles, strained ankles. We also take care of as well,” explained Dr. Nathan Blacker.
OMT corrects structural imbalances in your body, improves blood circulation, and can rid pain in the neck, hip, leg, and more.

If you’ve been in a car crash, you’re advised to wait two weeks post-accident to come in for care. The time gap is recommended so the inflammatory process can subside, and doctors can accurately pinpoint your pain.

“I love OMT because we help everyone with their pain and other issues. And I’ve been seriously hurt in the past, and I had to get some OMT myself. I was recuperating, in conjunction to physical therapy, I was getting from one of our local doctors, and I would not have healed as well without it,” said the DO.

But treatment is not just for adults, even infants can receive OMT care.
DOs can alleviate tight neck muscles to help babies move their heads easily for breastfeeding and sleep. Gentle OMT on the head can also encourage the head to change to a round shape and thus relieve pressure on the nerves at the base of the skull.

If you’d like to make an appointment all you have to do is call The Family First Clinic and ask for “OMT.”

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