The volunteer program at Comanche County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) started in 1988 with a handful of volunteers. This year, the team has grown to almost 105 people, who spend their time helping patients in the E.R., Cancer Center, Infusion Lab, and more.

“You meet people, there are a lot of interactions, you see friends coming in, but you also meet people because they also come in regularly,” said Kathy Meyer, a volunteer at CCMH.

Meyer joined the volunteer program after retiring and meeting a volunteer at the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma. After seeing the peace that volunteers brought to patients, she instantly signed up. But it didn’t take too long for someone close to her to join the program as well.

“She suggested I come in here and volunteer,” said Dennis Meyer, Kathy’s husband. “Give her a break away from me for a while.”

Once a week, on separate days, the couple volunteers in different units around the hospital for around four hours. Kathy focuses primarily on cancer patients, while Dennis travels around the hospital delivering medications.

“It’s rewarding in satisfaction; it gives you a different perspective about people in general,” Dennis said. “We’re all in need of something. but what’s rewarding for me is giving back to the community.”

The volunteer program has a reputation of keeping not only patients happy, but also volunteers. Guest relations desk volunteer, Ann Tubbs, has been serving for 27 years, and over 15 other volunteers have spent over a decade serving at the hospital.

When you visit CCMH, you’ll see volunteers in the gift shop, hospice care, greeting patients, helping with inventory, driving vans to pick up patients and so much more.

“I just think it’s a good thing all around sociability for sure and just helping people,” Kathy said.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer contact Michelle Callihan at (580)-250-5254 or visit CCMH’s website for an application.

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