According to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, Oklahoma has some of the highest substance abuse rates in the country.

Here in Lawton, Comanche County Memorial Hospital has found a way to combat it by implementing a new detox program.

“Detox is a way for someone who may have alcohol, benzos, opioids, and stimulants to remove it from their body, and allow them the healing process and the first step of recovery, and that’s usually done through a service or program,” said Allie Lamb, administrator for New Vision in Oklahoma.

New Vision is a nationwide recognized service at Comanche County Memorial Hospital that specializes in medical stabilization & withdrawal management. What’s unique about it is that, unlike detoxing programs across the country, this program is completely private.

People voluntarily and confidentially visit with a healthcare professional to see if they meet the criteria for the inpatient service. A 3 to 5-day stay in their own private room. During that stay, they are provided care and treatment for substances, as well as education on how to stay away from their addiction.

“For the patient, they’re a part of their treatment, but opioids are very common in this general area. But for us, I like that we have protocols in place for each of those, so it’s individualized for each of those substances. When they come in for dual substances, I like the fact that we also have protocol for dual substances.”

Since the start of the program in December, they’ve helped 12 participants, and the number is still growing.

“Some of our people that work in the New Vision line have prior addiction. Like we have people who are in pit positions now that have been recovering addicts, and it’s amazing because I can watch those people when I go to their facility and I see how it is, and how much of an impact it makes for them because it helps their recovery to see the success of other people’s recovery,” explained Lamb.

This new service is made possible thanks to the community support from Classic Lawton Chevrolet & the McMahon Foundation.

To qualify you must be 18 years or older, and a willing volunteer to the program. If you don’t feel comfortable, your physician or a loved one can call for you. There is no background check, however, a comprehensive pre-screening will take place. Most insurance plans will be accepted, but if you don’t have one, there are other options available for you. Just call 580-910-5525.

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