Comanche County Memorial Hospital held a nurse pinning ceremony for all of the nurses who just graduated nursing school and are about to start working at the hospital.

Student nurse Amber James is one of the 26 nurses who attended the pinning ceremony.

“It’s just always been in my heart to take care of people and to see people get well and to be there if they’re not getting well in their last moments,” James said.

Jennifer Renner, who is a Registered Nurse at CCMH, said they wanted to hold the ceremony for the recent grads after the coronavirus canceled many graduations.

“While this is not the pinning ceremony that most of you envisioned for yourself or graduate, we would like for you to know how fully CCMH shares in this celebration of your achievements and what a joy it is to recognize each of you,” she said.

James said it meant everything to her.

“This is so special and such an honor for them to take the time out of their day and do this for us in the midst of everything going on. This is a very sacred tradition for nurses, and it’s something that means the world to us,” she said.

They sent out invitations to those who’ve accepted jobs at CCMH and 26 RSVPed.

“We got to have all 26 walk across and get pinned by their future mentors and leaders,” Renner said.

Renner said getting the pin is a moment of completion for them. She said many give up their social lives while they’re in school because they have to devote so much time to studying, tests, and clinicals.

“It’s just some that you work so hard to achieve,” Renner said. “And we couldn’t imagine not allowing them to receive that.”

The new nurse’s families weren’t able to go inside for the ceremony, but they were able to watch it on Facebook live before celebrating with them in the parking lot.