No shave November is something men across the nation participate in every year to raise cancer awareness. Some employees at Comanche County Memorial Hospital participated in a friendly competition this year.

While No shave November gives men a break from having to shave every morning, there’s a lot more to why they decided to grow out their facial hair.

“The more you get into it, the more you start to see that it’s about men’s cancer awareness,” Infection Preventionist Chris Godman said. “And we all have friends and family members who have cancer.”

Comanche County Memorial Hospital decided to host this competition after Godman asked if they could participate. He ended up winning the prettiest beard.

“October is breast cancer awareness month, so let’s just continue the trend, and let’s jump into men’s cancer for November,” he said.

“It was exciting to see them so enthusiastic, so willing to participate and the growth throughout the month and the variety of people that we had,” Director of CCMH Foundation Leann Chandler said.

Some of the guys participating not only started with a clean-shaven face, but they also shaved their heads. But, it wasn’t just about who could grow the prettiest and ugliest beard, they also raised money for the Comanche County Memorial Hospital Foundation while competing.

“We raised a little over $4,300, and all those funds will go to men’s cancer awareness,” Chandler said.

Dilan Humphrey was recognized for raising the most money. He raised a little over $800.

“I wanted to support our local hospital and do what I could to contribute that way,” he said. “So they gave me the opportunity to do that by participating in no shave November.”

16 people participated in the friendly competition this year, and they hope to have even more next year.