Addiction can come in many forms, but knowing how to treat them is the first step in winning the fight.

Last night the Comanche County Memorial Hospital held an addiction seminar, hosted by Dr. Christopher Fernandez, to inform the community on the symptoms of addiction, and how to combat it.

Nationally, doctors have seen an increase in patients addicted to drugs such as fentanyl. Here at home, doctors at CCMH said due to health care disparities, some people have turned to Alcohol and opioids such as Methamphetamine. Doctors claim this drug has now become one of the top addictions to be treated.

“I would say Lawton has a multitude of health care disparities. Anywhere from not enough access to food…to general education on health and wellness to exposure to substance abuse which can impact someone’s health down the road,” said Dr. Mercedez Bernard.

Thankfully, thats were the CCMH Residency program steps in. The program has trained physicians like Dr. Bernard and Doctor Christopher Fernandez to help bridge that gap.

“So for each patient treatment is always individualized. It depends on where the patient is and what they want their goals to be. Everything ranging from ‘well i dont want to take any medication that would ever leave me addicted again to I know I feel this addiction so I want to take something that can help me function better at work and everything else,” Said Dr. Fernandez.

He said while addiction can go undetected by loved ones, there are signs to look out for.

“Often times it can be isolating and life can revolve around that. Peope who suddenly disapear and are off the map for awhile and tend to pop back up and that can sometimes lead to theft or asking for money to supply that addiction. But in the beginning it can be as simple as my prescriptions arent lasting as long as they use to can you help me get through that,” said Dr. Fernandez.

Doctor Fernandez said CCMH offers programs that target and identify not only the root of the issue, but how to rid it as well.

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