LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – Comanche County Memorial Hospital recently added to its team of Neurosurgeons that specializes in treatments for the brain, spine, and nerves. Dr. John Roufail said his first surgery at CCMH was removing a large brain tumor that was about the size of an orange.

“I always will remember this case because it was my first case here at Comanche hospital,” he said. “I was very happy to start with this complicated case, and it showed great success.”

Dr. Roufail finished his training during the pandemic. As a Neurosurgeon, he deals with the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves.

“I think based on our capabilities here, we’re very confident performing brain surgeries, removing tumors, pituitary tumors, skull-based tumors, and also doing complicated spine procedures even using minimally invasive technology,” Dr. Roufail said.

He said the hospital continues to invest in advanced technology to better treat patients who can receive care right here close to home. He said what they have is what he was trained on while going through school and during fellowships at Cleveland Clinic Ohio and Oregon Health and Sciences University.

Dr. Roufail knows the work he and the neurosurgery team are doing at CCMH is important and rewarding.

“This is one of the beauties of our specialty, neurosurgery,” he said. “We deal with a lot of emergencies which include we’re saving someone’s life basically.”

He said that’s a great feeling, especially after hearing from grateful family members. Not only are they saving lives, but they’re also helping to relieve patients’ from pain.

“One of my favorite moments to see, my post-operative patients, coming thankful and that they’re pain-free or at least they feel like they made the right decision going for surgery and coming out of the surgery in a safe way.”

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