The Cancer Centers of SWOK has received an award for their contribution and support of their nursing staff. It’s an award that showcases the Centers dedication to providing the best possible care.

Robin Lewis is the Director of Nursing at the cancer center in Lawton. She says she is very appreciative that her employer recognizes the importance and value of investing in the staff.

“It’s a great place to work,” said Lewis. “They let you be autonomous and grow your profession in nursing. That puts confidence in yourself and the care that you’re delivering to patients.”

The Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation presented the cancer center the award in Anaheim, California this year. They were chosen from among the best in the country. Lewis says she proud of her staff and says they deserve all the support they get.

“The nurses in all centers are fantastic,” said Lewis. “They love their patients and their patients love them.”

Ralph Rigdon, who usually does his chemo treatments at the Cancer Center in Duncan, says the nurses at both places are great.

“Excellent,” said Rigdon. “The nurses are just as friendly. You call for anything and they’ll get it for you.”

Lewis says that having an organization that supports them like the Cancer Center does, not only helps the nurses, but it helps the patients as well. Rigdon says he believes it.

“Because they’re helping the patient,” said Rigdon. “Along with the doctors.”

“Because they’re kept up on the current trends in oncology, the new medications that are on the market, it keeps us on the cutting edge of delivering the best quality care that we can for SWOK,” said Lewis.