Each year 264,000 women are diagnosed with Breast cancer, which can leave many feeling confused and sometimes alone. But one local photographer plans to eradicate those feelings through a new mural that’s set to be unveiled at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

“Art is universal,” Kystal Britz said.

Krystal Britz is a local artist and empowerment photographer, who’s been painting in our community for over 6 years. Each year Kyrstal creates an art series that features marginalized bodies and representation. This year she will unveil a piece that highlights the different stages of Breast Cancer Diagnosis for the women’s Imaging unit at CCMH.

The idea was inspired by someone near and dear to her heart.

“I have a very good friend, Jenny Sage, who passed away when she was 37. Same age as me. We were good friends, worked together, and even pregnant together, having our babies together. In 2021, she passed away due to breast cancer, and if she had got in a little earlier the outcome may not have been what it was. So early detection and things like that are really important. So the series is dedicated to her, and we plan on having a plaque as well,” she said.

Krystal said she is currently looking for models 18 and up to participate in the project.

Model Makeia called the project empowering. She said everyone who sees it will be motivated to not only get checkups but also know that you’re never alone.

“This probably is just going to be the highlight of someone’s life. You know it’s something I can give to my daughter. I have two daughters, so this is definitely going to be a highlight of my life right now,” Makeia said.

CCMH’s women’s imaging unit can see around 400 patients, and nurses like Carley Hester-Morales say the road to recovery doesn’t have to be hard and encourages women to get checked monthly.

“When people come to this facility they’re nervous. They’re worried we’ll find something or that they’ve missed something, but I think the pictures will show them that no matter what happens in this facility, there is hope. There is a way to confront it, and there’s a way to triumph over anything we find here. You know my grandmother is a 3x breast cancer survivor, and she ended up living well into her 90s. It doesn’t have to be terminal. You can fight and get it done.”

The women’s imaging unit is about to receive 300 new hospital gowns that are set to fit women from XS to XXL and will feature vibrant and colorful patterns.

The gowns are made to ensure comfortability for those undergoing checkups.

If you’re interested in becoming a model for the upcoming mural in the women’s imaging unit, all you have to be is 18 years or older. Krystal is looking for models who have underwent treatment…imaging…and/or is a survivor. All races and body types are welcome.

You can contact her at britzphotography@icloud.com. On May 22nd all models will attend a group session, and on May 31st a reception for the unveiling will take place.

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