Before your child can sit down in class for the new school year, they have to receive their back-to-school vaccine.

Dr. Flor Guerengomba explained ages four and up are eligible to get their shots, children and it’s important for all ages to get up to date with their shots as certain illnesses can spread quickly.

Children around the age of 4 are recommended to take the TDAP vaccine, as well as the MMR shot.

“Most of the time when kids run around and get injured or get a wound, you don’t want them to not have the TDAP vaccine because a wound can become very, very deadly,” said Dr. Flor Guerengomba.

If you have an adolescent 10 and up, they’ll need a booster for the TDAP as well as a few other shots.

“When you are in contact with many people in the classroom and cafeteria, you can pass the Meningococcus (Bacteria) very easily, ” said the pediatrician. “That’s why we mostly give it to them at 11 years old. Also, we give the TDAP and the HPV before they’re sexually active.”

She adds children who live with asthma come in for a checkup as things may have changed for their medication. If your child has type 1 diabetes and plans to play a sport, she explained they need to come in so that the provider can adjust their insulin.

“When you play sport, you are using more (energy). so, adjusting doses is important for that. and also, I encourage all parents to make an appointment for kids with ADHD at least 2 weeks to a month before school so we can get them on a good control to resume school and physical activity,” she said.

All children who want to participate in sports can get their sports physicals done as well. But the best news? If your child is anxious about getting shots, she said it doesn’t hurt much, and when they brave the shot, they will receive something special.

“Oh, we have a lot of goodies that’s why you need to come here…we have sugar free lollipops, toys, stickers, goldfish, we’ve got a lot of stuff,” the doctor smiled.

If you’d like to make an appointment, just call up to the pediatrics office at CCMH, and they can get you in within two days.

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