The 12th annual Tomato festival in Lawton is kicking off soon.

Did you know tomatoes can help stop inflammation, boost your immune system, and even stop blood clots?

According to Dr. Legako, a retired CCMH Pediatrician and the founder of the Lawton Farmer’s Market, that’s just one of the few reasons why people should come to this years 12th annual Tomato festival!

“We all know we should be eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. And for kids, I tell them to eat at least eat 5 offerings each day. So regardless its something that’s really healthy for us and something that’s used in many dishes,” said Dr. Legako.

This year’s tomato fest is unlike any other. A LGM Walk and run at Shepler park will take place, with activities like Zumba and yoga after. A salsa tasting showdown will also take place. And for anyone who owns a unique looking tomato, a Contests for the prettiest, ugliest, and even best tasting tomato could be your chance to claim the crown.

“Everyone in southwest Oklahoma they love homegrown tomatoes, so 12 years ago we started to highlight the tomato in July. because in Oklahoma, July is kind of the month for tomatoes. It’s when most of them start to ripen, so we like people to come out, find a tomato, and really join in the fun,” said the doctor.

The 12 annual tomato festival will take place Saturday, July 8th at the Lawton Farmer’s Market. Festivities kick off at 8A.M., with registration for contests lasting until 10 A.M.

Activities and contests will last until noon.

Snap benefits are accepted at this event as well.

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