An accident on a four wheeler sent one woman to a hospital and then to rehab. She chose the Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at Comanche County memorial Hospital to get her moving again.

Debra Schultz flipped her four wheeler back in March, and it landed on top of her. She was flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City with multiple injuries.

“I had twelve broken ribs, a concussion with small head bleeds, and a fractured clavicle,” said Schultz.

She immediately had surgery and was there for 2 weeks. And then the hard part began, recovery and rehabilitation. She had a long way to go.

“Wearing a back brace for over 4 and a half months,” said Schultz. “Not being able to bend over the waist. Having limited movement on my left side because of the fractured clavicle, and a weight limit.”

Her goals were to do the simple things at first. Tammy Palmer is an occupational therapist at Jim Thorpe who worked with Debra.

“What I try to focus on in the beginning when people first get here is basic self care,” said Palmer. “They have to be able to get out of bed, or the recliner in Debra’s case. All the self care, dressing, bathing, grooming.”

Palmer says it takes time to fully recover, and she loves helping people accomplish their goals.

“I love it when people come here and we can start them at whatever level they’re here, and progress them and send them home or to outpatient or whatever the next destination might be,” said Palmer. “I love it when people pick us.”

Debra still has some physical limitations and some balance issues. But she said she’s doing better and it’s all thanks to the people at Jim Thorpe.

“If anyone ever has an opportunity, I hope they don’t have a need, but if they have an opportunity to have rehab somewhere, I hope they will come to Jim Thorpe. It’s just amazing here,” said Schultz.

If you have any questions about the Jim Thorpe Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, you can call 250-5833.