The care team provides 24-hour care to patients experiencing severe or life-threatening injuries or illnesses in the ICU.

And if you ever step foot in the one at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, you’re likely to meet either Dr. Dave, a hospitalist who’s been at CCMH for 15 years, or Dr. Christy Bullard, an intensivist who’s been with CCMH for 5 years. On average both doctors see about 14 to 20 patients daily, and both work with pretty hectic schedules. The providers also have to communicate with each other throughout the day.

“So the biggest difference between both of our jobs is that we are the primary admitting doctors and we take care of any inpatient needs that they may have, but then if the patient becomes critical or they require a lot more close monitoring like a ventilator or medication, or support from a specialist that’s when we bring in an intensivist and that’s when they help us in the ICU setting,” Dr. Mayank Dave

Dr. Christy Bullard added, “Once they’re ready to leave the ICU then they’re ready to transition out so it’s collaborative, it’s teamwork.”

Intensivists usually have training in pulmonology and critical care, staying primarily in the ICU for procedures and emergencies. Hospitalists are providers specializing in the care of patients in the hospital, regardless of their condition, and can have a background in internal medicine, pediatrics, or family medicine. But regardless of their role, both say the rewards of their labor is what makes a “job well done” so special.

“My favorite part of the job is that people come very sick into the hospital and when they leave the hospital feeling better back to their normal and appreciative it makes me very happy that they’re walking out feeling better,” said Dr. Dave.

Dr. Bullard chimed in, “The same thing, you know, and also the support from the families. You know they’re going through things as well and for them to be able to make those changes and for us to help the family into the next step”

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