Comanche County Memorial Hospital’s NICU has been established for 5 years. During that time, they’ve cared for over 1000 babies, and several families came back to the NICU to have a reunion with the hospital staff.

Close to 100 people attended this year’s NICU reunion. Families whose baby’s were patients, and the staff who cared for them.

“To see them come back in these cute little costumes and acting like healthy normal babies and kids, gives us a lot of joy. It’s what we work for,” said Dr. Abhishek Makkar, the medical director for the NICU.

Dr. Makkar said they have around 300 babies admitted to the NICU every year. Three of those babies this year, belonged to Christian and Janis Lawyer.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. We were taken care of so well. I just remember being up here in the weeks after and being a part of the family,” said Christian Lawyer.

Lawyer says the staff really did a great job caring for his girls.

“I think that we’re just blessed that we have this opportunity in the NICU that we have here, that’s able to take care of cases like this, and take care of my family. It means a lot,” said Lawyer.

Alexsas Rhodes has 3 month old twin girls who came 2 months early. She had the girls at a hospital in the city, but was able to come back to CCMH’s NICU for care.

“I was just happy to be able to come here versus having to drive back and forth to OKC everyday,” said Rhodes. “The nurses kept me updated and let me know everyday how much they were gaining, how their night was and everything.”

Dr. Makkar says running a NICU that cares for so many tiny patients takes a lot of hard work. He says there are a lot of people to thank for that.

“These parents who trust us to take care of their babies should be thanked the most,” said Dr. Makkar. “And running a NICU is not run one person. It’s a team effort. And then the community has been very supportive.”

Alexsas helps with the hospital Foundation’s Starlight event each year. She enjoyed being on the other side, and seeing where all that money raised goes to. Also, seeing it directly help her family. She is happy to come to the reunion this year to show her appreciation for everyone who cared for her girls.

“I can’t thank them enough. The doctors, everyone. They do such an amazing job. I know it’s even tough for them to see the babies go through what they go through, but they keep it together to make sure we’re kept together. So thank you so much,” said Rhodes.

CCMH’s NICU is a level 2 NICU. Which means they care for babies 32 weeks old and above.