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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – “Proud parents”–two words that one Lawton couple used to describe themselves. But parenthood hasn’t been easy for them. Their story is nothing short of a miracle, and one that will surely pull at your heart.

When Christian and Janis Lawyer got married, they were excited to start a family, and quickly became pregnant with their little girl Haivyn. But their happiness soon went away, when their baby Haivyn was stillborn. They kept trying, but ended up having 3 miscarriages.

“As a father, husband, son, you get excited when you’re pregnant,” says Christian Lawyer, father of 4. “But when you find out that you’ve lost that child, you don’t ever forget that.”

The Lawyers kept their faith, and were finally blessed with a baby girl named Annistyn.

“We couldn’t be happier with Annistyn, our 18-month old, who’s full of joy, and laughter, and so funny,” says Christian. “She sings, she talks all the time, and has no idea what she’s saying.”

The blessings didn’t stop there.

“We found out last October that we were pregnant, but we weren’t just pregnant, we were pregnant with triplets,” says Christian. “And that’s a beautiful thing, because our family was restored.”

“I didn’t think we would ever have any of our own, and now we have four,” says Janis Lawyer, mother of 4. “It’s just crazy.”

Janis says when she found out that she was having triplets, she was very worried they may not all make it. But for a family whose luck hasn’t always been on their side.

“The pregnancy has been a miracle,” says Janis. “They said they would be in the same sacs maybe, which is a little dangerous, they were in their own sacs. Then we weren’t sure if they would have their own placentas, they all had their own. Every odd that could have happened against us, didn’t happen.”

Janis went almost 34 weeks with the triplets, which is longer than they expected. 32 was their goal, so they could have the babies at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

“Between the two of the doctors and all of the nurses, we just feel like they’re family,” says Janis. “I wouldn’t have wanted to have them anywhere else, and I laid on the couch for weeks to make sure we had them nowhere else but in Lawton, with our people.”

Christian says it’s been physically and emotionally hard, because they’ve been pregnant for 5 years.

“Her body has been through so much, and she’s a Rock star,” says Christian. “But just to have them now, and just like okay, this is our family, let’s move forward. Let’s build something with this.”

The Lawyers say it comes down to faith.

“Definitely this was all God, this is not us,” says Janis. “This is just all a miracle.”

“We are very, very proud parents of triplets and another daughter,” says Christian. “And we’ve got a few heavenly babies. We’re excited to see them someday, but right now we’re just going to kick it here and be the best parents we can be.”

Janis says she looks forward to shopping with her 4 built in best friends, and also outnumbering her husband 5 to 1.

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