MedWatch- CCMH works to make the facilities as patient-friendly as possible from Medwatch 7 KSWO on Vimeo.

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Comanche County Memorial Hospital has a team that works to ensure the hospital does all it can to be patient friendly.

The members of the Patient and Family Partnership Council for Quality and Safety are former patients, loved ones, and hospital staff. The council meets monthly to talk about ways they can enhance the patient’s stay.

“When we have a problem or an issue, if we talk it over, we get it solved one way or another. It may not be right away but it’s a constant work of art I would say and then eventually it is accomplished and I think that is a wonderful thing,” said Juliette Reece, a council member.

The council has updated an existing patient guide booklet to make it easier to read and understand. This council helps administrators and staff see the hospital through the eyes of patients and their families.

“At our monthly meetings we talk about different projects that are going on in the hospital and get their point of view from a previous patient perspective and it’s really incredible to see the different angles that they tackle an issue or a problem. The ideas, the concerns that they bring up, and as a hospital employee we haven’t thought of yet so it’s very very beneficial,” said Heather Love.

Feedback from the council was essential to getting better signage around the hospital and its parking lots.

“As we’ve grown through the years, parking didn’t use to be an issue where you would lose your car and now there is so many different entrances into the hospital that we get that a lot where people actually forgot which entrance they took because it is confusing,” said Love.

Former patient Juliette Reece says serving on the council has been a wonderful experience.

“It’s been a real joy and I’ve learned a lot and I hope I contributed some and I have thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Reece.

Council members can serve for up to two years. Multiple seats will be vacant soon. If you’d like to serve on this council, you or a loved one must have been a patient. For more information about being on the council call the hospital at 580-355-8620 and ask for extension 5485 to reach Heather Love. She’ll then have you fill out an application.

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