The McMahon Tomlinson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Skilled Unit is for patients who need short term care and rehab. The unit offers 3 types of therapy to their patients: occupational, physical, and speech therapy.

Anna Coleman has had 2 knee replacement surgeries. Both times, she decided to go to the McMahon Tomlinson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s Skilled Unit, to help her gain her strength back.

“It’s only been several weeks and I’m already walking with a cane,” Coleman said.“Which isn’t heard of.”

Anna says while she was there, she had wonderful therapists and nurses who took care of her. She says it goes beyond them doing their job.

“A smiling face, and people that treat you decent and kind. That helps a lot,”Coleman said. “You don’t want to be around grumpy people when you’re not feeling well.”

Andrea Rendina-Brown, the rehab supervisor, says they take care of patients recovering from things like strokes, spinal cord injuries, general debility, weakness and more.

“Usually it’s the patient that’s not quite ready to go home yet,” Brown said. “They just need a little bit more strengthening. They want to be safer returning home. They’re just not ready to go home, but they’re not sick enough to be in the hospital. So, they come to us to receive therapy services and nursing services as well.”

Brown says the patient must have had at least 3 nights stay in the hospital before coming to the skilled unit. She says each patient has 2 therapy sessions a day, and they focus on specific skills such as cooking, cleaning, and even fishing.

“When a patient comes to us, we’re really trying to find out what’s important to them to return to,” Brown said. “Whether it’s golf, managing their household tasks. So, we’re working on that. Whatever is important to that patient is what we’re working on.”

For current patient Gwendolyn Price, who recently had a knee replacement surgery, she says the nurses have been teaching her how to walk and get up and down. It’s her second time in the skilled unit.

“The nurses are very helpful,” Price said. “I wanted to come back. I came last year, and I asked to come back this year.”

Brown says they also include the patient’s family in their recovery process.

“Whoever is part of that patient’s support system comes in,” Brown said. “We’ll do training, work with us, and go over any questions they may have so that they’re really ready to go home.”

Coleman says that it’s because of the skilled unit that she was able to recover so quickly.

“You couldn’t manage on your own. You have to go and have somebody help you to get back to where you need to be,” Coleman said. “Your recovery wouldn’t be as quick, without help. Which is why you come here to Skilled nursing.”

Brown says you must have a referral from a doctor to come to the skilled unit. She says talk with your doctor to find out what is best for you.