Death isn’t easy to talk about, but it’s necessary to talk about and prepare for, especially when a loved one is nearing the end of their life. Ensuring your loved one is taken care of when that day comes is important, which is why Comanche County Memorial Hospital offers Hospice.

“When the time came, and she passed, we were all there with her, by her side, and we got to enjoy the last moments,” said Shane Lupi, who lost his grandmother.

Lupi said a team from CCMH Hospice was there for him and his family when his grandmother passed away. Ensuring a loved one is comfortable during their final days on earth is important to those at CCMH Hospice.

“Hospice is designed to try and help the family reach a place of surrender to what is essentially an inedible act,” said Dr. Richard Brittingham, the local medical director for CCMH Hospice. “And that would be the death of their loved one.”

A team comprised of a doctor, nurses, social workers, and a chaplain work together to make sure they reach that place.

“It was just so fulfilling to us to see when they came in they said ‘we know what you’re going through, we’re going to make this as simple as possible, and the last moments are going to be as painless,’ and they did,” Lupi said.

Sondra Potts, the Clinical Coordinator for CCMH Hospice, said it’s emotional for the nursing staff there.

“But it’s such a fulfilling, grateful feeling knowing that you’ve been able to help not only the patient but the family as well with spiritual support,” Potts said. “Being able to provide care in their last days.”

He said they let them know everything they needed to know leading up to her passing.

“They’re very impressive people to do what they do and have so much grace in how they do it,” Lupi said.

Seeing that his grandma, Janell Lupi, was taken care of meant a lot to him. He spent a lot of time with her growing up, and she even taught him how to cook. He wants others to know that it’s okay to call in Hospice when their loved one reaches the end of their life and needs that special care.

“If anybody is ever in this position, don’t hesitate because it’s definitely worth it,” he said. “It’s worth it to the patient and the family to make this call.”

Because of the care she received, the Lupi family made a donation in her honor to the hospital’s foundation to go to help the hospice program.